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Marshalling the Rights of New Citizens

This project consisted ten workshops delivered between October 2004 and April 2005, funded by the Electoral Commission.

Marshalling the Voting Rights of New Citizens' was designed to enhance the participation of new citizens and settled migrants in the electoral process. The two-hour workshop on voting rights was delivered at adult education centres offering English as a Second Language (ESOL) classes to people in the target group.

Workshops were located in the boroughs of Waltham Forest, Westminster, Lambeth and Kensington and Chelsea.

Conclusions and Recommendations

Marshalling the Voting Rights of New Citizens was a highly innovative project that forms part of an extended education and support programme proposed by the New Citizens Voice organisation.

New Citizens Voice developed a dynamic and interactive syllabus, training materials and highly effective approach to encourage the participation of new citizens in the British electoral process.

The strategy of inserting the workshops into existing ESOL training programmes provided by adult education centres was highly effective in reaching the target audience.

Given the limited resources available the project performed extremely well: delivering 10 workshops and training 281 beneficiaries.

Properly resourced, the project is in excellent position to build on established contacts and be successfully rolled out to other London boroughs.

Download the full Workshop Report (MS Word Document).

To see more photos from the workshop, click here.


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