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Parliament Group

The Team

The organisation consists of a Managing Director responsible for the overall management of the project, a five-member voluntary Management Committee governing company policy and objectives, and a Support Team employed on a seasonal/contract basis.

The Management Committee:

Ana Ochoa de Eribe, Chair
Sylvia Cheers, Secretary
Lawrence Cheers, Director of Marketing
Adrian Key, Director of Communications

The Managing Director (Maria Leyva) reports directly to the Management Committee and is supported by a team of specialist professionals.

The Support Team:

Patrick Baron, Cultural Integration Tutor
Jill Rathbone, Citizenship Tutor
Sarah Simmons, Voice Coach Tutor
Miranda Pestell, Tutor
Deep Dhir, Tutor
Rebecca Trethewey, Tutor
Faik M Hanna, Journalist
Doris Novoa, Journalist
Paul Lloyd, Copywriter

As an organization, we are committed to the good practice guides governing the operations of non profit organizations as set by the Charity commission. We also use the PQASSO model to ensure quality and efficacy of services provided.

All project operations are subject to a regular quarterly review by the organization’s Trustees, and corrections or modifications are effected where and as necessary.


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